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Build your global team easy and risk-free

Onboard employees in any country in minutes. Manage the entire payroll, labor law compliance & benefits. Use mindsbeam to onboard and pay the talent anywhere in the world.

Why Growing teams choose mindsbeam?

Say goodbye to international employment complexities

Fast, compliant hiring

Seamlessly hire and pay your team of A+ players, in days.

Employment Contracts

Craft regionally complaint employment contracts.

Local Knowledge

Find country-specific legal and HR guidance to meet compliance every time.

Localized benefits

Offer health and other benefits to your team, wherever they live.

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We help teams grow faster across borders

With mindsbeam, you can employ overseas workers & expand internationally without setting up entities. In other words, mindsbeam will act as the legal employer of your global employees while you manage the day-to-day warning relationship with them.

Decide Request

Provide right assets and access to the resources through the platform

Issue Assets

Issue laptops directly from the platform in just a few clicks - select from a catalog or send in your specific requirement

End to End Logistics

Provide assets to your overseas employees at the right stage of onboarding, mindsbeam will take care of end-to-end logistics


Give your global team a delightful onboarding experience

Avail onboarding essentials like laptops, IT accessories, & more in over 50 countries without any payment hassles

How it works?

Find out everything you need know

1. Hire

Finalize the right candidate for the job

2. Contract

Onboard on mindsbeam & generate a contract instantly

3. Onboard

The new overseas employee gets onboarded on mindsbeam’s payroll

4. Payroll

Mindsbeam processes monthly payroll in employee’s local currency

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What we do?

Hire, Pay and Care for your global team from a single dashboard

Quickly and compliantly hire team members with no hidden fees and surprises.

Provide exceptional health, dental, and vision coverage for your team members, no matter where they live.

Pay each of your team members on time and in their local currency.

Easily navigate global hiring challenges with tools like Employment cost calculator.